Hot Water Heat Pump

Europa mini IWP Hot Water Heat Pump

    • Extracts used heat from the air to heat your hot water
    • External tank up to 500l
    • Capable of all hot water needs for houses with up to 5 people
    • Simple, fast installation
    • Hot water production up to 65°c
    • Minimum space required
    • Air ducting possible up to 20m in length
    • Internal heat exchanger
    • Optional pressure systems available


Hot Water

Hot Water production of up to 65°c 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  Extremely low running cost at only 2.9 amps.




Making showering and bathing a real pleasure!  OCHSNER’s Europa appliances are the most powerful and economical hot water heaters – with the option of an integrated storage tank.  Leading-edge technology ensures optimum energy provision from exhaust air (or fresh air) – energy that we do not wish to squander by failing to use it.  The integral high-efficiency heat pump makes this possible.  The dual-enamelled storage tank contains enough hot water for a large household. The appliances have legendary operational reliability and low-noise operation and they also effectively eliminate Legionella.


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